We desire to equip our people to live a life of worship, wherever they live, work, study, play, or shop. Living in close relationship with God is an awesome and humbling privilege that we encourage at every opportunity. The worship ministry seeks to enhance that relationship by giving our people an opportunity to praise God together in a weekend worship environment, and sending them out to be God’s hands and feet the other 99% of the week.

Worship Team Auditions

Commonground Community Church will be holding Worship Team auditions for any current church member that would love to share their talent(s) for Gods glory. We are looking for drummers, bass guitarists, lead electric guitarists, rhythm electric guitarists, rhythm acoustic guitarists, keyboard players, lead vocalists, and backup vocalists. You may audition for more than one instrument and/or vocal part. Here is what you need to do…

Read and fill out the Worship Team Application and return to Michael Rodriguez or email it to michael@cgcc.org some time before auditions.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, June 25th at 10 am at CGCC.

Audition songs are:

  • Hosanna by Hillsong (Key E)
  • Open Up the Heavens by Vertical Church Band (Key D)

Musicians: Please learn your instrument part(s) for both songs.
Background Vocalists: Please learn background vocal parts for both songs.
Lead Vocalists: Please learn lead vocal part for Hosanna only.

If you have any questions or comments you can email Michael at michael@cgcc.org or call/text (409) 781-1874.

Documnets to download:

Our History

Commonground has been around for eleven years as of August 2015. Through the years, we have been in a home, two BC schools, BC Community Center, batting cages, and now we have a new facility as of December 2011. We take a creative approach to ministry and have a strong volunteer base. We worship with contemporary music. We are Real, Relevant, and Relaxed!


Too many times churches are known for what they are against and little is known about what the stand on and stand for. Below is a brief look at our core beliefs.

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